there's four // harry centric

there's four // harry centric

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Avery Mae By 1dbandobsessed Updated May 01

"You're my mates?"

The four nodded.

"All of you?"

Another nod.

"And you're all Alpha's?"


"And I'm your Omega?"

They smirked.

zianourry fanfiction // harry centric

true dat. the only thing Harry can top are the music charts.
009000909q 009000909q May 03
Rereading this again and I badly want a trailer for this story ..
hetaprssia hetaprssia Jun 28
When he said he was tapping his foot I remember on stage they showed his shoes and the crowd just yells "WHAT ARE THOSE"
Yeah I said, I'll be in the next flight to New Zealand
1Dshipperfornutella 1Dshipperfornutella Jul 17, 2016
it'd be sad if someone found they're mate when they're both like old and rinkly and so they have to have sex or somethings to tie the knot or whatever oh god that must suck
-justfantrash -justfantrash Apr 09, 2016
I personally think Liam be alpha and the rest be betas because I can't imagine LIAMM being bottom in fact it's against my religion and the only exception is if the book is good