Made Men

Made Men

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Lex By LexTheAuthor Updated Aug 30, 2015

"I need you"

Corrine Parker was troubled. After her father was sent to prison for killing his mistress in a fit of rage and her mother diagnosed with stage four liver cancer, Seventeen year old Corrine is sent to live with her twenty five year old stripper sister named Isis who lives the fast life.

Deemed a prude by everyone around her Corrine is in for a wake up call when it comes to dealing with her sister and her choice of men. After Isis agrees to house a hood rich hit man, Corrine's living situations grows a bit complicated after her sister and her open Pandora's box.

Kareem Davis was only thirteen when he witnessed his father being killed by a drug related drive by and there was nothing he or anybody could do about it. As soon as he turned of age he decided that he'd enjoy nothing more than taking out the people who took his father from him.

After a less than ordinary night at an strip club he and his boys regularly attend he finds himself in a storm of trouble when he attempts to kill the owner of the place after discovering he had something to do with his fathers death only to fail.

Word in the hood travels fast and now he's forced to hide out while playing a cat and mouse game with his worst nightmare and dodging his feelings.

Damn bruh...her hair? Why not her shirt or something 😂😂😂
HighOffKeke HighOffKeke Sep 02
I mean once you layed down with her you became her equal so if she a hoe you a mega hoe
HighOffKeke HighOffKeke Sep 02
Don't brush her house when you bringing bullshît to her house 🙄
nunulit nunulit Aug 01
ion care how it sound this is really nice that he cared and that it was his first instinct
Poor Girl She Didn't Even Want A Ride Home😂😭😭👏💯
Samaaaarri Samaaaarri Aug 09
He was gone take UR life ..shid charge it to the game sis😂🤷🏾‍♀️