Pleasure Doing Business

Pleasure Doing Business

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The Few, The Proud, The Emotional By PrinceKenzie Completed

Rowan Vheris, age twenty-nine, is a man that has almost everything a person could ever want. He's rich, owning his company Vheris Enterprises and incredibly handsome. With his inky black hair and ocean blue eyes along with his muscular tan body, it's hard to resist when he sets his sights on you. The one thing he doesn't have is what he's wanted for a while: Love He's a Dominant and is getting tired of playing around. He wants someone for the long haul. The problem is the subs in the club he goes to top from the bottom. Rowan wants a sub that will get pleasure from pleasing him not from using his money. That's what happened the last few times and it has damaged his trust. That is until he meets a stunning man with dead brown eyes when he goes to publish his book. He immediately wants to call this man his. 

With the young man being so cold yet skittish will Rowan ever get what he wants: To love, cherish and tie the small man to his bed forever?

Sullivan Delaney is a twenty-six year old literary genius and is the CEO of his own publishing house, Delaney Publishing. He's a reserved bookworm, albeit a sexy bookworm, with his small frame, feminine curves and high GPA, he was an easy target for bullies during his school years which left him guarded and scared of large men. He doesn't let that show in business; he is cold and strong at work. Even though he fears them from past experiences he can't help but crave the feeling of a large muscular man running their hands over his body. When he is personally requested to review a book for publishing, he immediately jumps on it and does what he loves, reading and reviewing. After reading the brief samples he knew it could be a bestseller and told his people to contact the author to set up a meeting. Never in his life did he expect the author of such an amazingly sinful book to be the famous Rowan Vheris. 

With his body and mind in a battle of lust and business he's way in over his head with this new project.

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                              and don't start with the "i'm not good enough for that" ish. Your writing is one of my wattpad go-tos for when i want to lose myself in a book. 💙
omg we're the same height! Woo! Yay for team fun-sized and feisty!
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I was not ready for this to be happening in the first few paragraphs XD
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Rereading for the second time because I think out of all the boys you have in all of your book.... I think I can say Sully is one of my absolute favorites. Like top 3 at least
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I have a peer of mine with the last name Delaney and I'm just imagining him to be a family member of hers and it's really weird 😂