A Prince And His Princess.

A Prince And His Princess.

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squealinglarry By squealinglarry Updated Jul 05, 2016

Louis was 18 when he met Harry, Harry being 27 years old.

Harry was rich, and he took Louis into his care, letting the younger boy live with him and share his money.

Louis fell in love with Harry, the way Harry spoilt him, and the way Harry was his daddy, and he was his daddy's princess.

Who else thought the author of this book was gonna put his number.....me.....okay
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now_kiss_me_you_lou now_kiss_me_you_lou Oct 19, 2016
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NiaDiOne NiaDiOne Nov 01, 2016
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_turtleduckling_ _turtleduckling_ Sep 02, 2016
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