Daddy Unknown

Daddy Unknown

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Pien Pouwels By PienPouwels Completed

Moira King had been cheated on, stabbed in the back, and broken beyond repair --be it her father, her best friend, or her boyfriend; she's had enough. So, with that in mind, she gave up on the idea of finding love and opted to become a mother through sperm donation. That way, she could have a child, sans having to possibly bear another heartbreak. With the baby on the way, her life went uphill. Until one day.


WARNING: the majority of this story is unedited and there are quite some plot holes. As this was the first book I ever wrote, please bear with me.

Cover: beingellie

hakunabooktata hakunabooktata 4 days ago
Damn when she said she wants a baby she wants a baby😂👏👏
My asthma is very bad, just smelling some kind of exhaust fumes will cause me a ticket to the emergency room😑
Its the guy on my prof pic isn't it........IM SHOOO EXCITED TO SEE DUNKIRK TODAY
Thank goodeness for some reason i was eagerly hoping he had tattoos
I would be really proud if my daughter was that desiderate to have a child. Now that is planing for the future.😉
Aw man,  wish they were in America,  never seen African animals.