When I Found You!

When I Found You!

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Ashfi By AshfiR Updated Nov 28

Abdullah Bin Amr reported Allah's Messenger (SAW) as saying :
"The whole world is a provision, and the best object of benefit of the world is the Pious Women". 

Ayrah, a girl in her early twenties, desires a lot of things in her life, and one among them is to be a pious woman.

She wishes for a kind of husband who wakes his wife up for Tahajjud and Fajr and says, 'I don't want to be alone in Jannah, I want you with me.' She ardours a husband who would help her in leading her life on the way of Sunnah.

Zack, a rich and self-obsessed Christian falls head over heels in love with Ayrah, who fascinates him by virtue of her nature and humour. Blessed and delightful is what Ayrah feels to see a non-believer drawn towards Islam, especially when she learns that its HER who influenced him.

What happens when Ayrah learns about Zack's feelings for her?  Will she reject him and disregard his feelings for her due to diverseness in their faith or she will accept him and change him into a true believer? 

Correspondingly, will Zack accept Islam for the sake of his love and fulfill her dreams or abandon his love for the sake of his religion?

Read ahead and find out! :)

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melanin222 melanin222 Sep 25, 2016
Been looking for this book for almost a month now and I finally found it😄couldn't be happier
I WANT TO DO THE SAME!! I want to be an elementary school teacher but I also want to do Islamic studies as well. I don't know what to chose. I guess I could do what she is doing. But I still have another year to go before I graduate high school. Anywhos on with the book.. 😅
I was just reading this Hadith and thinking about it a while ago. So ironic
AshfiR AshfiR Nov 09, 2015
No, it's different. Abaya is something for covering your body and Niqab is the one to cover your face : ) I hope you're not confused anymore :)
AreebaQazi AreebaQazi Nov 08, 2015
Isn't Niqab and Abaya one and the same thing? Cause we call Niqab the smae black long cloth referred to as Abaya
sunshine_jaan sunshine_jaan Oct 30, 2015
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                              Pls read 
                              It's my first time at writing