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The Dragon and the Princess

The Dragon and the Princess

280K Reads 10.2K Votes 33 Part Story
Dragon By Dragon__Wolf Completed

You all know the old fairy-tale's where an evil and cruel dragon kidnaps the princess because of her beauty and then knights in shinning armour arrives to save her. After saving her they get the half of the kingdom and marry the princess and lives happily ever after.. But this story is very different... There was once were a beautiful, kind princess named Lydia who got engaged to a prince, but the princess wasn't in love with him at all. One day as she was sleeping peacefully in her bed with her window opened, a dragon named Lithon attacked the kingdom. In it's attack on the kingdom the dragon flew to the castle and was going to destroy it from pure hatred for the royal family, but then he saw the princess through her open window. The dragon fell for her beauty immediately, so he decided to kidnap her, it would also be the perfect revenge on the royal family. So the dragon took the princess to his place, the princess was of course not happy about that and she did freak out. She didn't wanted to live with a dragon! But then, the dragon reached it's house and he changed into a handsome young man! Even though its forbidden for them to be together, the princess slowly fell for the dragon and the dragon fell for her.. but how will this fairy tale end..? like every other, where the prince comes and slay the dragon and gets the girl, or will it be different this time?
    Highest ranking: #25 in Fantasy (03/03/2016)
    Copyright © 2014 Dragon__Wolf

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