LUKA: Book One of the Dark Moon Series (ROUGH DRAFT)

LUKA: Book One of the Dark Moon Series (ROUGH DRAFT)

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Myeerrz By Myeerrz Completed

Have you ever wondered what is was like to be the Alpha of an entire pack? To have to make decisions that are so intense you can feel it weighing you down even in rest? 

Have you thought about the struggles, the pressure, the enticement? The dreams, the nightmares and the horrors? What about the lusting, the sexual favours and the endless craving for more than just a body? Maybe even the loneliness, the insecurity and the constant desire for something so strong, yet so out of your reach?

Has it crossed your mind the truth to being the Alpha? Or do you only think it is merely money, girls and power? If so... you've got it all wrong.

And Luka Garretson is here to prove it.

FrostyFire21 FrostyFire21 May 28, 2016
This is pretty sad rn imo, but also cuz of the music I'm listening to ;p
Cudgel Cudgel Sep 01, 2016
Sweet God in heaven. ... this describes exactly what I feel for my wife 
                              .. my gift from heaven. .. thank for that
Pinkforest1 Pinkforest1 May 08, 2016
Great start! It just drew me in and has me wanting to find out more. If their love was so intense why are they not together anymore? Even though I must admit he seems a bit intimidating to me, I just get a strange vibe from him.
AllOfTheAbove213 AllOfTheAbove213 Jul 04, 2016
I'm rereading this after reading both Luka and Holden trying to find out who the girl is
MasterElement MasterElement Aug 22, 2015
Your really good at making his thoughts of love and passion seem athentic, and not corny like so many others do, but I'm now a fan of the wolf being a seperate consciousness, it's fine if it's the beastial instincts seperate from the human but other wise not my thing
jordangranzow jordangranzow Aug 18, 2015
I agree with Makingmyworld about the guys point of view I really enjoyed learning about his emotions and such great job