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Foxfire (The Blood Oath)

Foxfire (The Blood Oath)

200K Reads 10.8K Votes 25 Part Story
Ugo-Peter By achilles22 Completed

When fifteen year old Drake was born, they called him boneless. Destined to die for what his clan called an abnormality, the love of his mother saved him. But growing up with a weak bone disease meant he cannot fight, hunt, joust, or draw a blood-sigil that has become a custom for every kid.
  Considered a weakling by many including his family, Drake knows his only chance is to succeed in the annual rite of passage, but he lacks the strong arm to swing an axe or the fortitude to grip a shield. When a chance encounter leads him to a cave, he finds an old woman with a secret of all things that turns in the dark.
  As the bells toll and the rites begins, the best are first to fall and worst, eager to impress. The Emperor is watching. A whole world has come to witness. The journey is treacherous but Drake knows in a world where a strong arm and a cold heart rules, the line between withering and surviving is truly thin.

lycaon6 lycaon6 Nov 04, 2016
Do you happen to have a piss fetish or something? That's a lot of piss. And also any king would kill anyone who cause them to be a joke to others. They probably rule with an iron fist.
KRISTINNE_20 KRISTINNE_20 Feb 05, 2016
wait .. what is the series of this book?  the civilian or this one?
stevenmidolo5 stevenmidolo5 Aug 06, 2016
This has a lot in common with an excellent series called the codex of Alera.
genghiskhanya genghiskhanya Oct 24, 2015
Loving the synopsis but I highly dislike the name Avalon. It's so unimaginative. You could have tried to give this mythical land a name, an original name.
NoelAgulto NoelAgulto Sep 28, 2015
Looks like the story's complete. And it looks like it's time to re-read everything.
IAmSamBlack IAmSamBlack Sep 05, 2015
Too much pissing.....if someone do that in front of me then he would get his thing kicked so hard that he would never be able to piss again