Kuroko no Basuke (Reader Inserts) [HIATUS LVL: 999]

Kuroko no Basuke (Reader Inserts) [HIATUS LVL: 999]

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KnnSphDLRs07 By KnnSphDLRs07 Updated May 29

The title says it all...

I do not own anything (except for the plot of course)... Pictures, characters, etc. belong to their respective owners... 


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Is it wrong I'm laughing my a** off right now? The way the reader acts reminds me so much of my friend I just can't !! 😂😂😂
omegadork_7 omegadork_7 Mar 01
Dood, he can't control his fans. Reader-chan is overthinking.
xX_Kamik_Xx xX_Kamik_Xx Jan 29, 2016
I'm 4'10....and now suddenly I'm 5'9?..........hèll yes ILL CRUSH YOU LIL MIDGETS HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA //dead
crystalIized crystalIized Jan 12, 2015
My mom said that if I don't get into a magnet school she would enroll me in the catholic school across the street...
crystalIized crystalIized Jan 12, 2015
IM FILIPINO TOOOOOOOOOO >.< Also, I doubt your English is any worse than my dad's and I still understand him! :D