Overly Obsessed

Overly Obsessed

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Freshman year;  the start of another chapter of the upcoming four years of one's life.  Some say they're the best, some say they're the worst. Of course, we all hope they'll be the best instead of the worst, but do we always get what we want?

Alice graduates from elementary school and starts high school. With great goals in mind and her best friends at her side, she is surely set to have the best years of high school. Of course, things don't always end up how they're planned or wanted. When Alice earns a crazy stalker, things go downhill. When one experiences tragedy and loss, what will happen? 

PS: this was written soo long ago when I was like what? 10? LOL sorry for the bad writing, incorrect grammar and just being terrible in general :/

OneAwkwardPerson OneAwkwardPerson Nov 12, 2016
Bob, Fred, castor,  Chloe, Jamie, Rosie, Caroline, zac, ellie, Jacob, Toby, Lucas, Camden *seven years later* .....and Rebecca
lincybas lincybas Dec 12, 2016
Wow he is talking like he has been teaching children how to read facial expressions and is now sounding pissed off because his students are acting pretty clueless
MrAddicted1489 MrAddicted1489 Oct 02, 2016
Werent they supposed to be in 7th grade since they're only starting?? Ugh!!
JustCeline JustCeline Jun 22, 2012
Creepy math teacher. Luckily, my math teachers get peeved at me, because I am reading or writing in class instead of doing work...so no chance of attraction there. (:
realityxfantasy realityxfantasy Aug 08, 2011
A creative and nicely written story :) You have very good grammar and details and this story is very unique. Great job!
Laura8981 Laura8981 Jul 25, 2011
@iSkittles thanks:) i'm reading on your's right nows. It's so funny!
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