Lost in Captivity (Book 6)

Lost in Captivity (Book 6)

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N.A. Carson By varzanic Completed

~Book 6 of the Demon Series

Three years, and Ranger has nothing. Not even a trail to follow. He’s wandering blind in rogue territory in search of two wolves lost among the hundred of others that have gone missing. 

Midfield doesn't even know anything about the underground organization that has been attacking pack and stealing members. They’re too busy hunting down the traitors in their own ranks to help Ranger find the small remains of Hidden Peak.
Time is running down, though.

West’s bloodline is very appealing to the higher up in the organization, and Shiloh is even more appealing to any dominant looking for a male mate. The sub can only hide for so long, and West can’t fight them off forever. 

Ranger better hurry, because he doesn’t have another year to look before he loses them both.

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