Being The Badgirl's Pop Star {ON HOLD}

Being The Badgirl's Pop Star {ON HOLD}

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Gee A. Gonzalez By OfficialGeeGonzalez Updated Jun 17, 2017

(Book 3)

"You gotta learn that in life there is taking risks." My dad told me. "I know dad and love is the riskiest of them all." 

"Good, so what do you do?" 
I smiled, "Never fall in love."  
Vixy Mente, daughter of Fabian and Sandra Mente. She is the oldest out of four kids, she ended up just like her father. A cold-hearted, mean, evil girl but towards her family she is just different. Her father always told her to never fall in love from the pain he went through after her mother had to leave. It's risky and she has more things to think about.

Like boxing.

Arthur McCain is a pop star, a star looking for normal. Stuck at his house always making music and interviews, he decides to visit his mother in the old town where he was born. He should be over being mama's little boy since he is twenty-six but he does miss his old life as a normal boy. 

They will cross paths and maybe Vixy will learn the true meaning of taking a risk and Arthur will learn how feel normal again.


  • boxer
  • famous
  • hate
  • pain
  • revenge
  • singer
Typically_Trish123 Typically_Trish123 Apr 11, 2016
Lol that's the exact seating plan we have😂😂😂 except mum sits on the left side of my dad and both my brothers in front of us😂
Typically_Trish123 Typically_Trish123 Apr 11, 2016
But its soooooo cute that they're back together and that they have a kid!!!!!!!!!
ProfileDoesNotExist ProfileDoesNotExist Dec 01, 2016
Getting the feels right now 😀💜They all are growing up so quickly
shirinxx shirinxx Jul 08, 2016
                              SERIOUSLYY??!!! someone help me.. i forgot *sigh*
itsalwaysunique itsalwaysunique May 12, 2016
In confused so Dannie is line's little brother and Mackie is line's daughter 
                              Why are they dating
bubblesgame bubblesgame Jan 11, 2016
Since it's been 10 years, she's 16..... and since she was 7 or 8 since Juan, Juan is 6?
                              I'm very confused sunshine help me PLZ