Prince of France *Editing*

Prince of France *Editing*

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|"I want you to be my Queen." Justin whispered as he trapped me between the wall and his body.

No words could come out of my mouth. The only thing I could do was stare into his pleading hazel eyes.

"sweetheart, please.." he said kissing up my neck with his soft lips.

"Justin please stop. I c-cant."
"please. I need you so much, you don't understand." |

And there's the people always tryna to touch your hair and they literally pet it
smfhputa smfhputa Oct 15
once i went into my spanish class saying bonjour and my teacher deadass looked so disappointed in me
Y'all better not talk to me on the boat back to Africa if trump wins
Onnely10 Onnely10 2 days ago
France isn't really like that tbh, but you'll still find some people getting admired with it.
bizzlemeup bizzlemeup Sep 25
I'm black but I'm kind of light too so when I'm embarrassed my face goes slightly red and my ears
KaiyaGandi KaiyaGandi Jul 26
I'm dying I already read this book and now I want to read it all over again just so I can get into my feels but I'm sad about the second book seeing as how they have troubles with their marriage and get a divorce