Just the Girl-- Hiro Hamada x Reader

Just the Girl-- Hiro Hamada x Reader

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When bot fighting prodigy-turned-police (Y/N) uncovers another boy with talent like hers while on a mission, she just has to get him out of the terrible situation unfolding.

Little do they both know that one series of events leads to another in ways that will greatly impact both of their lives for better, and for worse.

Set to the song "Just the Girl" by Click Five, but more specifically the cover by Patty Walters. :)

(Rated PG-13 for violence and use of strong language and themes.)

((STILL EDITING: It's been a year since I've written this now. If you see any inconsistencies, please comment so I can fix!))

This is very well written! I think I'll continue it, btw the second (Y/N) is written like (Y/N)'a. I knew that you were editing and thought to let you know.
- - Jun 26
i love the song....hiccup and astrid and now me...sweet. i fit the discription
Names James, James Bond. 
murkdizz murkdizz Jul 31
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DlPPER DlPPER Jul 20, 2015
I really enjoyed how u made the story base off the song ! Very creative <3
Eeseethemage Eeseethemage Jun 20, 2015
I hate when they make me look like the mary-sue girl next door. I'm a bītch who will attack you if you make me angry enough.