The Boy With the Black Hair

The Boy With the Black Hair

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Lauren.... Or is it 0_o By OneSmallWorld Updated Apr 12, 2017

"Protect her, fight for her, love her, kiss her, but don't make her fall if you won't be there to catch her."

Landon Derek's life was as boring as it could get. Straight a's. Endearing bad boys. Total nerds. Trusting parents. But things got a little shaken up when she met Gage Archer, the bad boy of her school, the biggest player of Atlanta, Georgia, the "hottest" guy in the universe of "hot" guys, and..... Her neighbor?

Read to find out more!!!
Cover by: @-selcouth
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Bangtan_Trash04 Bangtan_Trash04 Mar 29, 2017
It's so sad cause we r like right in the middle of the end of school testing😩😴
LexyLopez30 LexyLopez30 Aug 17, 2017
She reminds me of those typical clueless cheerleaders like in movies
carolinehp carolinehp Feb 10, 2017
I procrastinate all the time except I don't always get As. What is life? 😒
XxTheGlitchxX XxTheGlitchxX Jan 22, 2017
No, like,  three days of school for the hole year and I would be happy
Rainbow_Bae Rainbow_Bae Jun 14, 2016
I wish was like her, I procrastinate so much but I barely scrape by
nickycookie nickycookie Sep 17, 2016
Yeah her superpower is opening her legs and her pussy sucks up everything