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VintageAutumn By VintageAutumn Updated Nov 27, 2014

My heart accelerated as I hear footsteps echo in the hallway. I hear a faint cry from a student in the front of the classroom as I back even more into the hidden corner. I shut my eyes a gun shot echoes through the hallway and a scream is abrubtly cut. Someone sniffled, someone cried out, someone sobbed. The teacher looks at us in misery knowing her last minutes may be spent in a classroom full of adolcent, immature teenagers. The door slams open, my heart stops. A voice laughs and a gun shots echo like a song throughout the classroom. Screams erupt all around and are cut off as fast as they start. The stench of blood is evident in the room, I don't dare open my eyes and see the mess lying before me. I hear footsteps step torwards me. I can't breathe. My hearts leaps when I feel someone grab my arm and lift me off the ground. I open my eyes slowly, looking up at the man who caused this. His blue eyes sparkle and I know he's smiling behind his mask. 

"Gotcha ya."

readerreaderreads readerreaderreads Mar 10, 2016
lets give it a go sounds good but serious u can write about anything i bet
kity123 kity123 Mar 09, 2016
Being "light hearted" and not liking school shootings aren't exactly intertwined. I shall continue on.
AmandaR18 AmandaR18 Apr 01, 2016
There were some grammar errors, I just hope there aren't a lot in the story >.<
chiboukchill chiboukchill Jul 03, 2016
What do you mean racism why would there ever be racism.
                              I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO LOVE EACH OTHER
LiveLoveLaughx3 LiveLoveLaughx3 Oct 09, 2015
I don't think the "are" should be included. Just being helpful
crazy_wild_ME crazy_wild_ME Sep 18, 2015
thank you for the warning, but it's fictional and I freaking love you're work so it's worth it lol