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Broken and Abused (editing)

Broken and Abused (editing)

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Tammy_04 By Tammy_04 Completed

Emily is a 15 year old girl. Her dad passed away last year and Emily and her mum are hoping to start a new life in England. Everything was going great until Emily swore at the schools 'bad boy.' From that day on everyone has turned against her and worst of all her mum began to drink. What will Emily do when her mum starts to beat her up everyday  and constantly calling her worthless? 
Read and find out :)
#77 Short Story on 26/03/16

They're alright I guess. Not a fan at all though,I only listen to they're music at certain times.
greenbluerain greenbluerain Jun 16, 2016
I'm so insulted right now😣. Even though y'all intitled to yalls own stuff that's an insult to me. Y'all may say they can't sing as a group but I know that Zayn can sing!!!!!😤😬😣😾
MitchGrassiHoying MitchGrassiHoying Feb 26, 2016
Luv r story!!!! grammar need s a little work though but other than that I have been look for a story with this plot for a while
Emo_5SOS Emo_5SOS Jun 17, 2016
I HATE spiders, my brother had a pet tarantula and it always escaped so I used to just stand on a chair until he found it
WantSomeOreos118 WantSomeOreos118 Mar 25, 2016
My mom was singing Girl Almighty and i was like "MOTHER?!?! WHO SINGS THIS SONG"  and she said "one diraction duh" so i was like "OK LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY" 
                              i saw a vine so i said this
minterftsugg minterftsugg Jul 07, 2016
I agree, the only person that sang good in my opinion was Zayn... but now he sings by himself, and I love his songs (: