Creepypasta Lemons!

Creepypasta Lemons!

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Asher By OverlyProtectiveHero Updated Mar 02, 2015

This is....CREEPYPASTA LEMONS YALL! Yay! Um...I'll do a few and then you can comment who else you want me to do whether it's two Creepypastas together, or you and a Creepypasta!!!!

You all know the drill: 

H/L: Hair Length 
H/C: Hair Color 
E/C: Eye color 
____: Name 

Have fun with your favorites! 

{Requests are open...forever}

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Red_Winter_Willow Red_Winter_Willow Aug 22, 2017
See the sad part is for me I would be like no I'm not ready bye
drowneddemon drowneddemon Jun 14, 2017
oh snap, b.t.w I wounder if hoodie knew what the surprise was
TransToby TransToby Feb 17, 2017
Very anti-climatic but still a good lemon. In future lemons try to make the actual lemon part longer and more lemony than the build up. Btw not trying to be rude or anything, just trying to give a helpful tip and advice! :)
-Rcat24- -Rcat24- Dec 07, 2014
Ticci Toby x Reader OR Ticci Toby x Clock Work ( Ps I really want the first one XS )
Anonymous1305 Anonymous1305 Nov 16, 2014
You're a great writer, just try to make the chapters longer and maybe more detailed. Hey, could you maybe do a Masky x Reader chapter?