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Chocolate XoXo By yuanegeri Updated Feb 12

Since I was born my life was never easy, due to the creature that resides in me. Now, after this event that happened I've lost more than my pride I've lost my sight.

    Though now I feel the weight of my shoulders fall heavier than before, I know now that I'll make it through this, with or without anyone's help. 

Eyes revised: updates every one week or every two weeks

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yaoi_adict yaoi_adict Dec 31, 2017
Sorry i cant message you back but your welcome np it just comes so naturally when you,author-sama,are so funny
YukinoRose YukinoRose Mar 03
What is this Papa you speak of?I have no memories of this entity before?Is it a new species?Please tell me...I am interested
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shadownitro40 shadownitro40 Dec 30, 2017
why does the story say its complete is this a one shot or did you accidently made it complete and this story is still updating.
They have Youtube in hell? Thats Great!!! Ill have something to do when others dont wanna talk
Jasper0817 Jasper0817 Jan 03
How to they have that when the ninja don't gave internet or Wi-Fi??