No Control | Larry Stylinson

No Control | Larry Stylinson

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Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles met during the X-factor and it changed their lives forever.
Not only did they become lovers, they grew to be very famous.

Millions of girls screaming their names and throwing themselves at them.

Harry is bisexual while Louis is gay.

Harry & Louis told management about them being in love but they soon regretted telling them, Louis now has a beard.

Eleanor Calder, she's annoying and very clingy.

Harry is upset that Louis isn't ready to come out and that he has a beard.

Harry & Louis are not allowed to be seen together or be close to each other during interviews.

They've been slowly drifting away until one big fight will bring them closer together.

But will Louis be ready to finally face his biggest fear and come clean about everything or will he run from it and lose the love of his life?

you can't go to bed without a cup of tea and maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep and all those conversations are the secrets that i keep but they make no sense to me
Ima break the 69 comments so I'm like reading for the 5 bajillionth time and I'm already cryin
Good just run until he get on his knees and beg you to stay.
THG_Johanna THG_Johanna Aug 22
Hey i just posted my first chapter of my New Larry fan fiction everyone please check it out
Aw man this early in the book and I'm already close to tears
Rereading for like the fifth time no joke. Came here bc Can't Feel My Face is over 😢😭