No Control | Larry Stylinson *REWRITING & ON HOLD*

No Control | Larry Stylinson *REWRITING & ON HOLD*

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sin (•ө•) ♡ By Sinfulx0 Updated Sep 16, 2017

Being a celebrity and being constantly watched by the world is risky, you have to watch your every move and not do anything that could hurt your image.

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have been secretly dating since X-Factor but are forced to stay hidden, their management afraid it'll hurt their career and their income.

You cannot hide forever, especially if it causes hurt on the one you love and sooner or later they're going to have enough of it, there is only a certain amount of hurt someone can take before they decide they'd rather leave than stay loving you, love shouldn't hurt.

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MichaelStylinson2 MichaelStylinson2 Nov 25, 2017
You did this the day before my birthday I thank the gods cause I have only read this,haven’t read this before, and I already wait this is like a early Christmas present 😂❤️❤️❤️
music_lover_1991 music_lover_1991 Jun 16, 2016
I was at school and it was at lunch and then we had to go back to class and everyone was asking me 'why is she crying?' And I was like I have a name ya know and I'm crying cuz Zayn left 1D so ya just don't touch me don't look at me just let me die in a hole......😭💔
txshx_styles txshx_styles Jul 25, 2016
i cried for 3 weeks, still not over it but his album makes me feel better. he is still doing the thing he loves, just without his 4 (sadly ex) best friends
Amazing_Adrien Amazing_Adrien Aug 30, 2016
•Zayn goes off to literally make a career off of sex songs•
mahomielover21 mahomielover21 Jul 20, 2016
I was sad and very mad and I used a sharpie to cross zayn off all my 1d posters but not I regret it
paramadicfire paramadicfire Jun 13, 2016
I was at school and my teacher took me out of the room because I was crying.