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Rae Pan ➳ Once Upon A Time {AU}

Rae Pan ➳ Once Upon A Time {AU}

82K Reads 3.5K Votes 7 Part Story
Cᴀᴛ By Cat_Archer Completed

~If you haven't read Echo yet, then I suggest you read it, or you will not understand the plot. ~
"This is not funny, Peter!" 

Skylar glared at her husband as he laughed and said, "I actually find it quite hilarious, love."
Skylar practically growled as she said, "I'm pregnant, Peter! How is this funny!?"

Rae Hood and Peter Pan are finally married. Everyone thought everything would go back to normal in Storybrooke. Little did they know, Skylar was about to get her own little surprise that came in the form of raging hormones and weird cravings. Storybrooke was about to get shook up again. Because Rae Hood was pregnant.
©Cat Archer/Purp1eLady 2015
Cover by liamsanchor9

-TheCousinMiguel -TheCousinMiguel Jul 03, 2016
I feel like Nico would say that after Will keeps telling him no more underworld magic
llamacornsXD llamacornsXD Jul 21, 2016
Is it weird I did that in the Nic Wilde voice from Zootopia😅
Kings_Cage Kings_Cage Oct 12, 2016
I knew it!!! In the first book, I was hoping for little Peters and Rae's to be running around! 😆😆
-_Apocalyptic_- -_Apocalyptic_- Jul 21, 2016
I thought in Echo it said she couldn't have children? Or am I missing something?