Meeting Zane Again (Watty Awards)

Meeting Zane Again (Watty Awards)

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Zane and Allison were best of friends. So close that it was difficult for people to say one name without the other. But that all changes when Zane's band becomes famous, Zane being the face of the band, soon becomes every girl's dream. And even sooner, Zane is packing his bags for Hollywood and leaving Allison in the dust.

5 years later...

22 year old, Zane Ryan, is a very successful man. Starting to go into male modeling, a great actor who performs in award winning movies, and his band The Daze is a extremely big.

20 year old, Allison, is very different from when she was 15. She's not bubbly anymore, she's just quiet and friendly. Not herself, and struggling to keep up with bills and payments.

What happens when Zane comes back to his hometown to shoot a movie and these two meet again? Will the friendship still be there? Or did it leave when Zane left?

vixen89 vixen89 Sep 20
Taքɛ ɦɛʀ ʍօʊtɦ sɦʊt ɨɖҡ ɨʄ I ɛʋɛռ աaռt tօ ɦɛaʀ a ʍօaռ ʄʀօʍ her
Tarlyne Tarlyne Jul 15
I found another soulmate story character (or aething like that... U get what mean...or not?) 😂😂😂 its ok Amanda normal people don't get us...
tororo tororo Apr 14, 2013
                              Brit and u hate tea? Shame on u! LOL
                              BUT SERIOUSLY, i cant live without it, while everyone here loves coffee
                              . Bloody legal drug! Wanna switch places?
perraya perraya Jan 11, 2012
zane was an arrogant character.u portrayed that well.
                              but 15 y.o ally giving an ultimatum.not cool, girl.totally not cool. in a way,its her fault too that they 'broke up'.selfish in a way.
CraziiZaii CraziiZaii Sep 30, 2011
Zain is an idiot!! he needs to get off of his high horse and see everything tht he's miss out on, The douche ;p Buh i luv the storii ;p xoxo
EpicTwist EpicTwist Aug 01, 2011
I love the story so far:) The plot sounds like its going to be interesting and Ally is gonna put up a hell of a fight if Zane ever wants to see her again. 
                              Love it!