The Alpha's Babies

The Alpha's Babies

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RBLove22 By RBLove22 Updated Dec 27, 2015

Rosalie Johnson is the type of person that prefers to stay in her bed, intrigued in a book instead of partying on the weekends. But when her best friend Maya is turning 18 she has no other choice than to ditch her books and go to Maya's birthday party. 

She was only planning on a little dancing and maybe a tiny bit of drinking but life isn't fair and things never go as planned. So think of how Rosalie feels when she wakes up the next day in bed with no other than the bad boy of the school, Blake Parker. 

Everyone's first instinct would be to run away right? So that's exactly what she does making the decision to just forget about it. But she's soon caught in a sticky situation when she finds out she's pregnant one week later. 

Scared and confused she packs her bags and leaves town never telling Blake about the state she's in. She thinks he won't want to do anything with the baby seeing that they're still young and that he's a bad boy not to mention a player. 

But little did she know that he was looking for her. Little did she know what he really was. Little did she know what was about to come. 

What's a bigger shock finding out that you're pregnant with twins or finding out that your babies are the heirs of the most powerful pack around?

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hybeekay hybeekay Sep 12
What is it with writers and 'crashing of lips'😁🤔🤕🤒
esther392 esther392 Oct 13
Wait dies this mean rose is not a wearwolf I really hope she is
He's cute but he looks eight :/ I can see myself going for him back when I was a freshman but now... idk
Yeah "What's the worst that could happen?"  and every time after that everything always got worst
                               The universe just love proving them wrong 😂😂😂😂😂
X149052X X149052X Apr 11
the picture just ruined my mood for the story 😐😑 where dem Greek gods at
Zerena17Mar Zerena17Mar Mar 30
👀👀👀 welll I guess that's one way to end a conversation