The Mafia Princess (EXO Fanfic)

The Mafia Princess (EXO Fanfic)

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개일 By sweetandbroken_ Updated Feb 16, 2016

Jeon Mi Cha's POV

I barged in the meeting with fury in my eyes..


"I didn't do anything!" Jungkook oppa said..

[A/N: This is an EXO fanfic. But special appearances of people from k-pop groups will happen.. ^_~]

"Yeah right!" I snapped with a scowl..

"Woah, calm down princess.." A guy with high cheekbones said..

I glared at him..

"Okay, Chen didn't mean to interrupt.." A guy that had a bitch face on said..

What was this meeting, you may ask?

A meeting between the heirs of mafia groups.. And since I'm the only born girl-slash-heiress in all the mafia groups in asia, well I got my title as 'Mafia Princess', 'Princess of Death', 'Moon Princess', and other stuff..

They call me Moon Princess because they say since I'm the only born girl in mafia groups, i'm the only light in the dark.. Like, duh? What are street lamps for?

Anyway, back to the story..

"Your brother here," A guy with a lot of eyeliner pointed at Jungkook-op...

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saltyjacksoooon saltyjacksoooon Dec 22, 2017
Is there going to be more romanized words/sentences because I really like this ff and I don’t like fanfics with romanized things xd
nncckk1 nncckk1 Jan 04, 2015
Well, at least Jungkook is regretting everything. Surely being the only mafia girl in Asia brings you a big titel and I bet the other boys will try to make her do their work and she'll just kick their asses xD