Levi x Reader Oneshots

Levi x Reader Oneshots

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The Frenchiest Fry By FancyTrancy Completed

okay so this was written years ago and i regret every single word but everyone seems to like it so im keeping it up anyway, i'd just like everyone to know that when i wrote these i didnt know what a kiss was, and it most certainly isnt how i wrote it to be

also a tongue in your mouth isnt appealing i promise

all rights reserved, Attack on Titan©®™ belongs to Hajime Isayama ™®© and not me so yes please dont sue me

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SaltyThot SaltyThot May 17
When you accidently hit your sibling with your backpack full of textbooks and cut their forehead open and have to go to the hospital for stitches.
                              (This didn't happen.......... I swear........)
I just love the average green tea
                               :3 I used to like warm tea bc it sooths my thoat, but I recently burnt my hands getting second degree burns, and now I have a dear of hot liquids
SaltyThot SaltyThot May 17
I was gonna read the reactions but 140 comments are a no no for me
Levis_lover2246 Levis_lover2246 3 days ago
I do the same thing irl "he probably dose not know my name for shits sake so not possible"
I'm laughing at the cover it's like Levi is wearing a Miku Hatsune Costume lolz but I love it
Levis_lover2246 Levis_lover2246 3 days ago
My god....eran...you are dirty minded? I thought you were not!