From The Dark (TG Ayato Kirishima x Reader)

From The Dark (TG Ayato Kirishima x Reader)

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Hana 한 나 By hanazenpai Updated Dec 23, 2016

Yoruma Hana starts her first day in Kamii University after her move from Los Angeles, however, her stay in Japan wasn't as normal as she thought it would be. 

There are mysteries to be solved, secrets that are hidden, and a danger to look out for.

As she discovers that her life in Japan is falling apart as she met those people from the dark.

Will she survive? 

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Denizendi Denizendi May 10, 2016
But your not my worse nightmare...... Tsukiyama is.....
                              THAT GAY-BAR!!!!💩💩💩💩💩💩
Fullmetalsurveycorp Fullmetalsurveycorp Sep 01, 2016
The hottest nightmare 
                              A reeeeeeeally hot nightmare
Xultimate_trashX Xultimate_trashX Oct 03, 2016
*makes weird noises whilst flicking my tong up and down*
                              I'm sorry you had to witness that
MaddytheMoose MaddytheMoose Jun 24, 2016
Ayato is freakin amazing and all, but personally, I think I already own that title...
aestheticyoongis aestheticyoongis Jul 08, 2016
Nah fam that titles already taken 
                              *cringes thinking about boku no pico*
akira_hatake akira_hatake Jul 09, 2016
                              SEBASTIAN :I'm here ma lord
                              ME :thank god