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The Bet

The Bet

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LilMrsSwag By LilMrsSwag Completed

Have you ever hated someone so much that you always argued with them everyday? Did you go to Hawaii with your friends and have the person you hate in the group?  Have you ever fell in love with your enemy? Was there a bet that said, "Whoever falls in love with each other first, gets $50"

Angello and Alicia hate each other. They've been enemy's for a while now, not getting along with each other. They picked on each other, talked shit about each other, and a bunch of other things. They both hang out with the same crowd of friends and continuously argue and fight with each other. Their going on a trip to Hawaii and their on the plane getting ready to argue with each other, until our friends stops us. "Stop both of y'all," Jordan says. "Here's a bet for the both of you. You have to act like your boyfriend and girlfriend to each other for the whole trip. Meaning you have to kiss, hug, cuddle, sleep together , and all that other stuff. Whoever falls for each other first looses and the winner can get $50. No dropping out, got it?" Cole says. The two of them glare at each other and sigh heavily

GraceNichols7 GraceNichols7 Nov 26, 2016
I would say "You annoy me so much I would eat you if I could, but I can't fit your ego in my mouth, bitch!"
aniroma aniroma Oct 15, 2016
...Is the author purposefully misspelling all these cuss words? I approve.
chantas15 chantas15 Nov 12, 2016
Its "damn" , no offence but how old are you and do you speak english??
mandala2 mandala2 Aug 18, 2016
So I guess we all know who won the bet then... 😂before even reading chapter 1.. what fun
KittensOnACloud90 KittensOnACloud90 6 days ago
Wow my heart actually fluttered a bit reading it. Super excited!
MGK_Forever MGK_Forever Oct 06, 2016
How do you spell damn wrong I'm just tryin to figure that out