One Direction changed my life

One Direction changed my life

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Lora Jamaleddine By NeverEverLeaving1D Updated Jun 22, 2015

"This is my first fan fiction."

Lora is a new student who just moved to a new school in London, but she has to live without her family their miles away. They are staying a few days with her.

It was first day of school I was nervous but excited at the same time. When I entered class the teacher "hey everybody meet Lora she's a new student." But clearly nobody heard her they were all on their phones but then a girl just turned around & says " well hello Lora remember me." She was the mean girl from my old school she was the reason I moved. I still tried to sound nice since I don't know why she hates me I never did anything. "Hi Jade." I said nicely. Ms.Agata was the teachers name she just told me to sit behind jades crush which somehow looked like Harry styles from one direction. But somehow when I asked him he said maybe he looks like him but no not him. The principal came in to choose roommates. (This school  gives us some money and rooms in the school,but I already bought a house ...

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