Random Levi X Eren

Random Levi X Eren

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Who are you? I'm C-cana- Kiki. By Panda_Keek Completed

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LuckyJalia LuckyJalia Jan 28, 2016
I fell off my bed laughing at the picture when my mom came in. She asked what yaoi is. "It's CAKE! She started laughing too. She fell for it
Iamaotakufangirl Iamaotakufangirl Jul 25, 2016
Computer: *Finishes loading picture*
                              Me: ....
                              Me: *Crys as laughs*
AckermansBooty AckermansBooty Apr 17, 2016
My mom walking in when I was squealing at the picture and laughing. She looked.
                              "Oh, just just means cake."
                              "Okay then, that's weird."
Mocha-MochaOwO Mocha-MochaOwO Jan 20, 2016
Me: *laughing ass off at the picture then my mom comes in and sees the picture*
                              mom: What does yaoi mean?
                              me: Cake
Unjustified_Uke Unjustified_Uke Dec 18, 2015
my mom saw and i was like... yaoi means.. cat in dkfnsfnskje
KuroTora17 KuroTora17 Dec 12, 2015
the second i clicked tge image , i spat out my drink laughing. then my mom came to see whats in the pic...
                              uhm...yaoi means...cake.