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Why us? (Pokemon fanfic)

Why us? (Pokemon fanfic)

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The one and only By shinymewgirl Completed

Everyday for as long as she can remember Emma has forced herself to face everything alone. She wants to believe she can do and strives to make sure she can, to make herself strong enough to do so.


When an important item, the Legendary heart, goes missing the job falls to Emma to recover it or forge a new one. It a new one doesn't get recovered in time, the whole Legendary council will fall; including Night and Purity. Emma's only guide to how she's meant to do what she does, to fight her fight, lies in the first Voice of Purity. As pressure builds when both old and new foes force Emma towards her breaking point how much longer will she be able to fight before the pressure of being the Voice of Purity finally makes he crumble beneath the pressure?


Join Emma as she returns in her third epic adventure between life and death, good and evil.

Threequil to 'Why me?' and 'Why you?'


I do not own Pokemon I own the ideas, plot and my own OCs

But how did night know that our shining black friend was talking to her
pixiemon pixiemon Jul 29, 2016
Oh its easy just fight eachother and then make up that's what I do (u don't have to mean it thought Lol )
DarkWolf7551 DarkWolf7551 Nov 08, 2016
Talking to voices in your head is the second sign of insanity
RookiKui RookiKui Dec 14, 2015
How do you write so many words!!!!!!!!!! I get up to like, 800 words and  can't think of anything else to write ._. HALP MEH
TheMidnightVampire TheMidnightVampire Sep 30, 2015
I haven't read this series in SO LONG Q.Q Poor Emma! My friend is going through things like this and it's really flipping scary
RuneFoxTheHollow RuneFoxTheHollow Aug 29, 2015
warning: emma having a mental breakdown! i repeat emma having a mental breakdown! abort mission!! ABORT MISSION!!