Arranged Marriage ✓ {Editing}

Arranged Marriage ✓ {Editing}

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For Louis Tomlinson he had it all. A group of boys that were his best friends, A successful world wide band. Everything he ever wanted. 

But one day things changed. Simon had said that in order for the band to get even more success is if one of them get's married. Now, Zayn and his girlfriend Perrie had been engaged for a while but didn't show signs of getting married soon. Louis had broken up with Eleanor a while ago so that was out of question. And Liam would rather keep Sophia out of the spot light. Niall and Harry were both single but didn't show any signs about dating any time soon.

So, Simon made a plan, he was going to have an arranged marriage for one of them. Because he was the oldest Simon chose Louis to be the one to get married. Louis was not pleased. Simon had looked through and met many different girls but none stood out as a girl Louis would go for.

Until he met Ally Stone. Ally Stone was a 20 year old painter, she was spunky and fun and tried to live life to the fullest. She was the perfect fit for Louis. So he had made a two month break for the boys so Louis and Ally could get to know each other. They would be in a house in Paris for two months alone. None of the boys would meet Ally until the wedding.

Now, will Louis and Ally like each other? Even if they don't do you think this 'marriage' will work out? What if Simon's plan fails and they end up getting married anyway? It would have been for nothing...

Or Would it?
Hey there, this was the next Louis book I'm going to write. Hope you like it! :)

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ukuleleboityjo ukuleleboityjo Jul 19, 2017
I mean, I don't agree with her decision. From a directioner's standpoint, it would be a dream come true, but logically it's stupid. I mean, you can't just jump into a marriage for publicity, or fame!
Beastgirlem Beastgirlem Jun 02, 2017
It's funny because this kind of stuff actually happens to some famous people because of wanting publicity or whoever they work for want more money and stuff yadiyadiyaaablabblblahblahblah.
Zitushi_21 Zitushi_21 Jun 22, 2016
This girl have guts I would have fainted or made a fool of myself