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Subjective Awareness

Subjective Awareness

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Courtney By Amarante Updated Aug 10, 2010

 There is a strange place underground where no one would expect. Humans don't know about it; they can't even see it. But now it made itself known to the most peculiar people who find themselves thrust into something they can't handle. Some are lucky to realize something beyond their control is going on and search for the truth; others aren't. Their light-years apart paths lead them to same crossroad where they can find the power to overcome it. The main character, Adel, is a young adult who's been blocking her past, but dreading her future. As her life quickly unravels, she is faced with terror that she's never known but also the opportunity to embark on a new life if she dares to take the risk.

Amarante Amarante Jan 10, 2011
@LuckOfTheApocalypse Thank you. It does kind of stink that i'm never on there, but to be honest, I don't mind. That's for popularity and right now I don't mind staying in the shadows. Leave it to people who want hardcore followers, I'm just a novice. :)
Amarante Amarante Jan 10, 2011
@BashaBomb Thank you so much and yes, I will get a handle on that. :) It's kind of my first attempt so I wanted it to be good, little did I know that I was a little too enthused. Haha but really I appreciate your reading and commenting!
Amarante Amarante Sep 03, 2010
@RainbowPoop Yay that made me so happy!! I'm so glad you feel that way!! 
                              Great thanks, just feel free to let me know whenever you have any advice. :P
                              And yes me too I really like it. :D *Muy happy now*
Amarante Amarante Aug 16, 2010
@FanOfTheElite Seriously? Ah thank you so much. I really am so happy that you say that. I am very very privileged that you think that. :D So pleased. I LOVE WRITING so I'm glad that it shows through. I take it seriously and I always wish to improve. Thank you!!
Amarante Amarante Aug 15, 2010
@gavthedarft yeah, well i'm serious about my writing and i really want to get better and the best way to do that is to get advice from other experienced writers. :) I truly appreciate it cuz like i find it a treat when people critique me; it's not annoying hehe. Oh yes, haha i will!! :) 
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan Aug 14, 2010
@Amarante - I'm always a little worried about commenting, some people don't take critique too well. Thanks for fanning too, will do likewise. Hope you enjoy my various mumblings.