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J@$0^ By TheRebelSins Completed


Jase has lived his whole life under the scrutinizing glare of the trainers. his life consists of pain and darkness and the hope that someday, a master will accept him. 

Demetre, a vampire, doesn't know why, but he decides he wants a male slave this time. he goes to a slave auction, not expecting to spend too much, or any at all. 

then he sees the last boy. He takes care of Jase, trying to make him the slightest bit normal. 

Then Jase gets kidnapped by some werewolf's and there alpha takes a liking to the fragile yet rebellious human.

@_whatababe_ I think that you should try reading this book, you two have a lot in common... like the names. And the title. And the weapons. AND THE PLOT... so yeah!
ajx__player ajx__player Jul 20
That is very true. He couldn't even help me find me earing lol 😑😑
Me: oh ill try to read somthing good and appropriate in class today *opens this and reads* well back to the old school smut
@_whatababe_ I feel like the description is REALLY similar to your book
Well i wanted a little sister since i was 10 now my mom prego with my sis makayla
TheRebelSins TheRebelSins Feb 24, 2015
@KaySetonks it all gets worse. :P i screwed up a lot in the middke and end.