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Falling For My Bully {Completed}

Falling For My Bully {Completed}

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Lostsouls  ✨ By muslimah_07 Completed

Amira was called everything in the book. Fat, ugly, stupid, a worthless nobody. Suddenly she leaves for Turkey with her family for two years, happy to be rid of her bullies. She loses weight, gains a confidence she never knew she had. But then her family moves back to the city where she was bullied. She goes back to school with a new body, confidence, and a little revenge plot. Mazin, her biggest bully, is shocked when he sees her transformation. He was in a bad place when he use to bully her all those years ago and regrets the way he treated her. Doing everything he can to win her trust, he tries his hardest to convince her that he's changed. Amira is hesitant at first, but eventually agrees. She puts her revenge plan in action, befriending her biggest bully. But what starts out as a revenge plan turns into something more. As much as she tries to fight it, she can't help but fall in love with her bully. But what happens when Mazin finds out about her revenge plan?
  Cover done by @zammurad make sure you give her a follow :)

                              Can I translate your book to Norwegian?
                              Your book sounds great and I want my Norwegian followers to read this book :) 
                              I will give you creds and innshallah you will also get more followers :)
Honestly if a guy hits a girl, he doesn't have to courage to hit a boy. He just feels sorry for himself
nasteho2003 nasteho2003 May 22
Yeah I want to translate it in Turkish you'll get all the credits blah blah etc.
Actually, I like your first chapter but there are some things that doesn't go together. For example, after bumping Amira, Mazim said that he remembers her from somewhere and then you directly started talking what happened to him 2 years ago. 
                              But I still like the beginning 😍😍
Hell yeah. She remembers you and she also want to get a revenge.
Yeah 😍.  We're gonna get our own car soon. 
                              Don't forget to send it to me when you'll by it.