Sakura Haruno: S-Class Ninja (discontinued and being rewritten)

Sakura Haruno: S-Class Ninja (discontinued and being rewritten)

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Wei By Naruto_Uzumaki_ Updated Jan 07

The village of Konoha was known as the elite village. Many famous clans resided in this village, which also made them a big threat. Many of those famous clans are the Uchihas, Hyuugas, Uzumakis, Namikazes, Yakamanas, Naras, Etc.

However, there was one clan that nobody had heard of. They believed they were just a measly family who were simple ninja. 
Our story shall be about that clan. 

"Dear, dinner's ready!!"

A girl, around the age of eight, got out of her chair silently and sighed.

"Hai mother!" She pulled her pink hair out of its ponytail and let it fall. She stopped by the mirror and grimaced at her long hair.

'I need to get it cut again....' she thought before heading downstairs.
The family sat around the dining table, miso ramen sitting in front of the four members of the household.

"So dear, you'll be joining the academy next year. Are you excited?" The mother asked, her blonde hair pulled into a tight bun. The little girl could tell she had her ninja gear on, as well as...

Mizuha-chan Mizuha-chan Mar 30, 2016
this sakura kinda reminds me of sasuke after the uchiha massacre
over_the_rose over_the_rose Sep 01, 2015
I thought that ibiki was bald?? Or is this before her got his hair all like burned off??