Sirens of The Sea (on hold)

Sirens of The Sea (on hold)

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Disco Starlet By discostarlet Updated Jun 30, 2015

Marina was born to a family in England. When her parents got lost at sea, she had no family or friends to look after her.

Now an orphan, Marina runs away from the strict orphanage to find a better life.
One day, a man pushes Marina off a bridge and into the ocean. As she is still in shock, a group of sirens (mermaids) come and save her. She is then kissed by a mermaid and can now breathe under water. 

Join Marina's adventure as she goes through pirates, romance, tragedy, and horror.

ATTENTION: This book is for ages 13 and up. Please, no hate comments or fights on pages. I make stories, because I love to write and express my imagination.

xoxo, DiscoStarlet

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