Collapsed - Luke Hemmings

Collapsed - Luke Hemmings

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"Let me show you something." He says  grabbing my hand.

We end up in an unfamiliar room. With a boy covered in tattoos and piercings was sitting on a bed. Staring at the wall, looking at nothing in particular. His blonde hair, all messy and oily. Bags under his eyes, as if her hadn't slept in days. He looked awful.

"Why are you showing me him. I don't know who he is." I tell my brother.

"That, Aria is for me to know and you to find out."He says. "One last thing Aria, fix him." Then he was gone.

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Good Girls, Amnesia, She Looks So Perfect, Voodoo Doll, Heartbreak Girl, She's Kinda Hot, Jet Black Heart, Safety Pin And So Many More
Voodoo Doll, Greenlight, Castaway, Waste the Night, Vapour, Jet Black Heart, Daylight, Broken Home, Out of my Limit and Disconnected. All their songs are fücking great tbf😂