The Pack (amd friends) Smut

The Pack (amd friends) Smut

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Benjasbacca By Benjasbacca Updated Jul 25, 2015

"You guys coming to the cinema with us?" Adam asked me and Jerome. One glance at Jerome and a flick of the eyebrow suggested he had other things on his mind. "Nah G, we gon' record some hunger deens" I replied.

As soon as the guys left Jerome crawled over to me, he sat beside me and placed one hand on my member (who da fuq named it that). "

"Jerooome" I whined, thrusting my

hips in need, my erection becoming painful. 

His lips nibbled around my neck, sucessfully finding my sweet spot, earning a moan from me. 

With a swift motion Jerome produced a tube of lube from behind his back. "You're wearing too much, Mitchell" he growled seductively before tugging off my top and slowly pulling down my pants. 

We both lay in our underwear, Jeromes hand squeezes my member as i whine like a horny bitch, he applies the lube onto his fingers and pulls down both mine and his underwear. Inserting two fingers into me at once forcibly, Jerome whispers into my ear "you like that?" I grunt in pain as ...

purple_androde purple_androde Dec 28, 2017
IKR,like its a part of life so call it by its right name,a joy stick XD
Why does Morgan Freeman haunt me everywhere.... everything I read, I can hear in his voice
TheRebelScull TheRebelScull Mar 16, 2016
wrdlaci wrdlaci Nov 08, 2016
I don't know why but my mind is reading this in a Morgen freedman voice
Benjasbacca Benjasbacca Apr 12, 2015
@AGirlThatGames I don't think anyone is allowed to read this tbh 
Benjasbacca Benjasbacca Dec 31, 2014
@buddergirl189 Will update tonight, I'm just wary of the fact my friend knows of this account :P about 1-4 hours from now