Your My Habibti - An Islamic Love Story

Your My Habibti - An Islamic Love Story

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JustALoveStoryy_ By JustALoveStoryy_ Updated Jan 09, 2016

Habiba Haddad is your average 20 year old Lebanese Muslim girl. She's funny, pretty, sarcastic, smart and kind.
She has the perfect family and truly believes in her religion. 
She doesn't, ever, want to fall in love with any guy because she's scared of getting her heart broken again by someone she immensely loved a long time ago.
That's why, she wants her parents to find her the perfect husband instead.

But on the other side,
We have Hamza Dé Santos. 
He is the baddest 21 year old Brazilian guy you will ever meet. He's definitely got the looks. Although he believes in his religion and prays, he has his bad side where he doesn't care about getting his heart broken and flirts with any girl. 
He doesn't really care about his love life  overall whereas Habiba takes it seriously.

When these two meet for the first time at Hamza's mums wedding night, what do you think happens? 
Do they fall in love at first sight? 
Or does something horrific happen?

BIG MASSIVE WARNING: This book WILL include sexual scenes and sexual language. Please please please DO NOT read this book if you don't want to read anything sexual because I can definitely tell you that it will 100% contain sexual scenes. I know this is an Islamic book but this book shows us inside the relationship OF a Muslim couple. The side that no one sees... 
So please do not comment anything regarding it because I have warned you beforehand. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Thank you. 

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sea-walker sea-walker Mar 27
Uhhh this is me like wtf im a lebanese muslim girl that is kind smart sarcastic funny and so on and i do believe in my religion a lot and i want the halal relationship not haram since i was once heart broken aswell when i was younger .
                              Only difference is my family isnt perfect.
me_agapi me_agapi Nov 29, 2017
Okayyyy..if Zayn is 22 and their mother is 35..den did she get pregnant at 13!!!!!!😂😂
Don't want to be annoying but this is what the title is: 
                              Your my habibti 
                              You're My Habibti
msblahblah2098 msblahblah2098 Nov 21, 2016
When I saw the title AALIYAHS WEDDING  ..... I was like Why me ???
hackerindisguise hackerindisguise Nov 22, 2016
This book is perfect. I wish there were more islamic books with a little sexual content because it shows the reality!!!
shiny_malik30 shiny_malik30 Sep 20, 2016
I am 13 and my mum is 39 although my oldest sister is gonna be 17 next month