Imagine! (Kuroko no Basket x Reader Scenarios)

Imagine! (Kuroko no Basket x Reader Scenarios)

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d a n i By daniellacchi Updated Sep 03

This is how I show ballie dorks love, with plenty of random, cute and funny scenarios and their reactions! For example, if they played a computer game, kissed you, switched personalities etc. 

The format of writing changes in different oneshots, and I can put angst. I don't think I will unless it's a request~

The ballie dorks need loads of love, so here are oneshots for them with tons of fluff and humour :3 
Enjoy, and leave a vote/comment/share/follow because nanodayolo

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|| d i s c l a i m e r ~ I don't own Kuroko no Basket, or the characters ||

I Wish that all the celebrities or just some of them are like Kise that will date an ordinary Person
I didn't have reaction except laughing through the whole thing
From now on I'll call you Carrot-kun~ (Like Karma called as Tomato-kun~)
Do i hear myself broken glass ? Oh wait that was the fangirls hearts :D
Wahhhhh Tetsu-Kun you didn't know that i've waited for this Time!
                              Yes I Will be your Girlfriend /hugs Tetsu-kun and Kisses his Cheeks/
My cousin af when we watched the movie...
                              But during the time of watching the movie I was laughing.