Mine: a Gally Fanfic (the maze runner)

Mine: a Gally Fanfic (the maze runner)

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NewtIsTheGlue By NewtIsTheGlue Updated Sep 20, 2016

"I'm fine Gally. Just leave me alone." He shakes his head in defiance, looking deep into my eyes. 

"I can't do that y/n, you know I can't." He groans painfully. What the hell is he on about? 

I begin to get even more angry, "And why's that?" I raise my eyebrows in both curiosity and confusion. 

He pauses for a moment, "I think I like you y/n."

Wait, what?!

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TMRGreenieGirl TMRGreenieGirl Oct 02, 2017
Is it the eyebrows that blew you away? The angle is whats breathtaking.
TMRGreenieGirl TMRGreenieGirl Oct 02, 2017
Do Americans have interesting accencts? I mean,of course they have accents but what to they sound like to someone who's not around American accents all the time?
We all know the rules here.                                       We never speak of it.
hillolivia56 hillolivia56 Jan 15, 2017
I think all of Dem boys like me here little Chuck might wanna specify on who we are talking about 😏