Broken Survivor ▹ Klaus Mikaelson [o.h]

Broken Survivor ▹ Klaus Mikaelson [o.h]

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WriteYourDreams0821 By WriteYourDreams0821 Updated Apr 09, 2015

Upon the journey in hunt for werewolves for Klaus' new sire line, they come across a small little pack. Of werewolves, that is. Among them was a girl, Savannah Hill was her name. Beautiful girl, with a small petite body frame. She is quiet, and innocent. Although she was strong, she wasn't the strongest in the pack, and that's why she was abused by them. But there's something special about her, about her wolf. Although no one knows it. She's all alone in the world.

But that all changes when the Original Hybrid comes and finds her. Klaus quickly takes interest in Savannah. Apart from the fact that she actually survived the transformation of turning into a hybrid, unlike the others. Klaus takes her in, and keeps searching, for wolves and answers.

What if Klaus feels something, bigger than friendship for her? And she feels the same way? Read and find out.

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caffeous caffeous Oct 25, 2016
I actually hate stories like this bc it's just so unrealistic but whateves y'all are depressed af