Truculent [girlxgirl]

Truculent [girlxgirl]

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Centuries ago the males of the world were wiped out. Females rose up and banded together to destroy the male population. They were called the Supreme Feminists: Peijing Katz, Abidemi Ba, Imelda Diaz, Arctic Shackleton, Kristín Fuchs, and Bakana Nguyen were the leaders. The supreme of all SF who banded women together and dominated all was Artemis Pierce.

Artemis Pierce's bloodline was cherished and they lived like goddess' in this "Ultimate" world. Despite the fact of living in wealth and luxury, though, Cassy was troubled. Troubled by a dirty little secret she has to keep forever, by knowing that she can never be loved or fall in love with anyone, by knowing that she is a monster, a mutation, and an abomination.

But secrets are meant to get out.
No matter how many walls you put up they'll break through.
What is this secret that she's locked away, chained, and eaten the keys to?

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kimisslim19 kimisslim19 Jan 02, 2017
🎵Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second story 🎵
MrChibiterasu MrChibiterasu Jan 09, 2017
This reminds me of that one book where people could only have 2 children and anymore children were killed
XxEmo_WulfiexX XxEmo_WulfiexX Jun 04, 2015
Well I love the characters description and so eager to find out what purity is