The Truth After Allegiant   •Book One•

The Truth After Allegiant •Book One•

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Book One

Three years after the war between Abnegation and Erudite, escaping the fence, finding the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and many years later of going back and just living life in Chicago, Tobias has never been more depressed. What if you could change the past? What if certain people never died, but they never knew? What is The Truth behind all of these deaths?

WARNING: If you haven't read or finished Allegiant then don't read any further!  You have been warned.

This is strongly rated PG-13 even though there isn't a specific rating for it anymore) for the language and violence it contains so read with caution

*NOTE: I own none of the original characters from the series! They belong to the amazing Veronica Roth!*

*ANOTHER NOTE: Most of the pictures found within the chapters I do not own! They belong to the people who took/ made them!*

+++ Sequel now posted! After reading this one, go check out "Learning to Trust" +++

Poor him...the o lot thing that I do not like about him is that I want to mourn Tris, but he is just so freaking emotional!
Reopen old wounds why don't you, Tobias? Just do it! It's not that big of a deal. I only just finished dealing with the death of Fourtris thank you, but go ahead!
kenzy_g kenzy_g Nov 07
He's a GD, but I'll give it to you because he can resist serums
mayawritesforyou mayawritesforyou Sep 19, 2015
I'm crying already but I must read on its sooooo good even though I'm crying
BeanieWriter BeanieWriter Sep 03, 2015
I'm crying, and I'm loving it! I don't know what to want! Do I want Christina with Tobias, or do I want Tris to come back from the dead?!
yelyahweekes yelyahweekes Jan 07, 2015
I thought Tobias just had a resistant gene, and he wasn't Divergent...