Music Boy (boyxboy)

Music Boy (boyxboy)

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Claire By Can_you_not- Updated Aug 06, 2016

Seventeen-year-old Kit Taylor loves working at the local music store. It's his escape from his overly judgmental and homophobic family. His moody and sarcastic personality disappears along with his problems. He even manages to tolerate the thirteen-year-old girls that come in and giggle at him or get a stupid album from the latest pop sensation. Soon, escaping from his family won't be the only reason he enjoys working there. It might have to do with an adorable crazy haired boy and his strange, oversized sweaters.


                                                                  "Your hair is messier than my life." 

                                                                             "I highly doubt that" 

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the-need-for-helpp the-need-for-helpp Dec 29, 2017
My hair is as messy as my life basically my life messiness revolves around my hair
tothetuneofYMCA tothetuneofYMCA Oct 15, 2017
Me, shaking because of my caffeine intake, at my cat after I've messed up a single stroke of fur to make it look like he's got the dinosaur back flippers
TheOliveBranch19 TheOliveBranch19 Jun 08, 2017
That would actually be the case if it was not for my spending on things to save me from a hair disaster. My hair deserves only the best, even if that is a conditioner that costs about 18 dollars for a medium size bottle.
tothetuneofYMCA tothetuneofYMCA Oct 15, 2017
My cat back at me. I scream. Why does he talk. Has the government sent him
MomoMelt MomoMelt Mar 04, 2016
Okay I just read the description and I havn't even started reading the whole thing but this is hella cute already
MinxDelaney MinxDelaney Jan 12, 2017
                              But seriously, nothing is more messier than my life.