One Thousand Faces

One Thousand Faces

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Annie Woods By the-before Updated Feb 26, 2017

People may think that seventeen year old Cameron Schmidt is living the good life because of the big house and all the money he's surrounded by every day. They may think he lives the good life because he attends White Ridge Academy, has two amazing best friends who know him better than everybody, and has the attention of one of the wealthiest girls at White Ridge. They may think he lives the good life because he has a trophy wife as his stepmother and a picture perfect father who runs his own company in New York City.

But that's just what they think, it wasn't reality...

Seventeen year old Cameron Schmidt, does have two great best friends, but just because they know him better than anybody else doesn't mean they know everything about him. He lives with his stepmother and father, but nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. Nobody knows that he's just a boy silently crying out for somebody to come save him...

But what happens when a new girl named Emmeline catches his attention? He didn't know what it was that drew him to her, but maybe it was her long light brown hair that he wanted to oh-so touch? Maybe it was her looks that drew him to her. The fact that she looked and acted like none of the girls who attended White Ridge was something that he liked most about her. But the number one thing that drew him to her was her eyes, her blue misty-like eyes, and the cane she carried around every day. She was blind, trapped in a dark world just like him...

But maybe they could be each other's light...

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stephybutler stephybutler Jan 06, 2015
The ending to the other book is stupid and sad and made me so angry hurry up and do this one
luisafaustino luisafaustino Dec 25, 2014
Will Stephy and John get back together? I know it's.... But I'm hoping that John will somehow change.
SharonMattock SharonMattock Dec 22, 2014
Why no mention of his mom she loved him to much to just give up..
JahAngel JahAngel Dec 16, 2014
I' m ssoooooooo sooooooo excited on this book,, please do update soon as you can! !=) ♥
zenmen333 zenmen333 Dec 13, 2014
Oh my god the entire idea has got me captured.... I can not wait to read this!
i was freaking flying off the walls at the end of the other one i hate john so so much i felt so bad for stephanie