Becoming The Vixen (Teen Wolf)

Becoming The Vixen (Teen Wolf)

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Brooke By JustMe52 Completed

Scott's pack has taken a hard fall. Isaac left with Mr. Argent after the death of Allison to go to France. No one has heard from Ethan after the death of his twin. Derek has been gone for two months and hasn't returned any of Arden's calls. Stiles has been helping his girlfriend, Malia Tate, work on controlling her wild were-coyote abilities. 

        Arden Finstock is trying to remain strong. No one, aside from Derek knows she is breaking on the inside. She was hoping for a normal school year from now on, but when living in Beacon Hills, Arden knows that will never happen. 

        With her name on a deadpool, Arden is fighting to stay alive along with her friends. Beacon Hills isn't the same unless the supernatural are running wild. 

cover by: @sighstiles

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Mikealsonlover12 Mikealsonlover12 Jul 14, 2017
The fact that Ardem and stiles are both dating a hale 😂😂
Lxnxi__ Lxnxi__ Apr 05, 2016
Why?!?!?!?! First, you remind me of the twins, then, you tell me Stiles has a girlfriend. (I already knew that) but it was supposed to be Stiles and Arden. Starden will live!!!!!!!
xThisIsActingx xThisIsActingx Feb 22, 2016
I just read this book thinking it was the first. NOW IM MAD.
AWWW heck nah! It was going to be stiles and Arden! I strongly dislike Derek and Arden!
x_meaning_of_life_x x_meaning_of_life_x Jul 26, 2016
Quit playing games with my heart!!!  😖😖😖😖😭😭😭
zoe_hannah24 zoe_hannah24 Aug 27, 2015
I am hating the current situation with stiles and Malia and derek and Arden