50 Ways to Say I Love You (OHSHC x reader) DISCONTINUED

50 Ways to Say I Love You (OHSHC x reader) DISCONTINUED

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Kae By shywritingartist Updated Aug 09, 2016


When the boys of the famous host club find themselves fighting for a certain girl's attention, everything seemed to change.

The hosts were now against each other whenever she would walk into the room.

It needed to be settled and quick.

There are so many ways to say 'I love you' but who will say it first?

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You know... if there's a '50' in the title.... *cough* 50SHADESOFGRAY *cough*
adventuresofbacon adventuresofbacon Jan 20, 2017
Hehe  50 ways to say GOODBYE
                              *puts mlg glasses on walks away epicly*  lol luv both the songs
gavin_cheney gavin_cheney Apr 22, 2016
OMG !! Love like woe! 😍😍😂😂
                              Coincidence !! I was playing that song while reading this 😂
ashphonvieng ashphonvieng Aug 19, 2015
*makes them fight w/ balloons bc i don't want them to get hurt*
btsmess btsmess Jun 09, 2015
i read path of hate and it was amazing and im sure this will be amazing to
i_ish_love_candy i_ish_love_candy Jun 07, 2015
Is it because I'm...... wait for it.................FABOULOUS!!!~