Vanilla Sweet Kiss (Various KNB x Kuroko) (Boyxboy)

Vanilla Sweet Kiss (Various KNB x Kuroko) (Boyxboy)

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Fiame By ForeverFujoshi Completed


Compilation of Kuroko Tetsuya x Various KNB characters yaoi/fluff oneshots.

I don't own the pictures and videos used in this book and I'm not owning them so credits. And especially, I don't own Kuroko No Basuke because it belongs to Tadatoshi Fujimaki-sensei.

I'm just a fujoshi who loves to pair Kuroko-sama to everyone.

Reactions are accepted.

 Hope you like it!!! :D

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MM_Secret98 MM_Secret98 Aug 18
ya know Kuroko...You could have a different kind of milkshake if ya want ;)
absolute_right absolute_right Jun 06, 2016
                              I've already read this at FanFiction 😲😲😲
                              ButI like this story ☺☺☺
                              Don't worry, author-san
YukariPis YukariPis Oct 29, 2016
                              My name's Yukari
                              I'm a Vietnamese 
                              I have read a few stories
                              I feel your stories is great ! 
                              Can I translate your English Stories to Vietnamese language ?
                              I will leave over the link !
Satsuki126 Satsuki126 Mar 06
can you make some yan-chan ones ssu~. I love some hard death followed by Kuro-nyan being banged hard *though I wanna be the one banging him but he not real ;;* anywho me likes yan-chan stories and stuff so meh XD (oh and some AoKagaKi :D)
Torchsoul Torchsoul Dec 27, 2015
It's like, the middle of the night and i am pretty sure i woke everyone up
ForeverFujoshi ForeverFujoshi Nov 04, 2015
@sweetblood98 I'm planning on doing one but it will take some time. I'll just finish my list. Sorry about that.