Vanilla Sweet Kiss (Various KNB x Kuroko) (Boyxboy)

Vanilla Sweet Kiss (Various KNB x Kuroko) (Boyxboy)

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Fiame By maeonni Completed


Compilation of Kuroko Tetsuya x Various KNB characters yaoi/fluff oneshots.

I don't own the pictures and videos used in this book and I'm not owning them so credits. And especially, I don't own Kuroko No Basuke because it belongs to Tadatoshi Fujimaki-sensei.

I'm just a fujoshi who loves to pair Kuroko-sama to everyone.

Reactions are accepted.

 Hope you like it!!! :D

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pjofan369 pjofan369 Dec 27, 2017
You should have said 
                              "Don't mind it. We could make a better one"
MM_Secret98 MM_Secret98 Aug 18, 2017
ya know Kuroko...You could have a different kind of milkshake if ya want ;)
pjofan369 pjofan369 Dec 27, 2017
Why does everyone have to cum together? It would not hurt if the uke cummed thrice when the seme only cummed once. Like they could use a ring or somerhing to stop the uke from cumming
absolute_right absolute_right Jun 06, 2016
                              I've already read this at FanFiction 😲😲😲
                              ButI like this story ☺☺☺
                              Don't worry, author-san
YukariPis YukariPis Oct 29, 2016
                              My name's Yukari
                              I'm a Vietnamese 
                              I have read a few stories
                              I feel your stories is great ! 
                              Can I translate your English Stories to Vietnamese language ?
                              I will leave over the link !
Satsuki126 Satsuki126 Mar 06, 2017
can you make some yan-chan ones ssu~. I love some hard death followed by Kuro-nyan being banged hard *though I wanna be the one banging him but he not real ;;* anywho me likes yan-chan stories and stuff so meh XD (oh and some AoKagaKi :D)